Through the marvel of technology, science and nature's unspoiled resources, Pomology has harnessed the age-defying power of antioxidants from one of the most perfect single sources on earth.

There's no fountain of youth. But modern science brings hope that antioxidants can add life to your years. Numerous research studies in recent years have confirmed the benefits of antioxidants, especially in fruits with high levels - thus the recent birth of the superfruit.

AntiAgingDiagram Antioxidants are nature's ally against the signs of aging and oxidation. Oxidation signals the breakdown of a cell during the process of getting older. Additionally, inescapable environmental factors including air pollution, sun exposure, processed foods, alcohol, daily stress, even exercise can further weaken your cellular immunity. Without the right concentration of antioxidants every day, you may fall victim to chronic disease and premature aging.

Antioxidants bind with free radicals to neutralize their destruction while others work to repair damaged cells. They curb the breakdown associated with chronic conditions and inflammation that affect the heart, joints, prostate to name just a few conditions that tie into your overall health. Furthermore, there are variations in how different antioxidants assist different body cells, which is why Pomology formulations are optimized with the right blend of superfruits. So when it comes to disease-fighting antioxidants, science agrees that more is better.

Pomology delivers with pure, concentrated, bioavailable doses in our collection of customized supplements.