Antioxidants during pregnancy affect child

March 25th, 2011

Another interesting antioxidant study…

PHILADELPHIA, March 18 (UPI) — Feeding antioxidants to rats on a high-fat diet before and during pregnancy prevented obesity in offspring, U.S. researchers say.

Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggest a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet causes oxidative stress — an excess of free radicals — during pregnancy, predisposing the offspring to obesity and diabetes.

However, feeding the rats antioxidants before and during pregnancy prevented obesity and glucose intolerance in their children, the researchers say.

Senior author Dr. Rebecca A. Simmons, a neonatologist at the hospital, says if the results are repeated in humans, the research may have implications for reducing obesity rates in children.

“We already know that there are critical periods during human development that influence the later development of obesity,” Simmons says in a statement. “This research suggests that if we can prevent inflammation and oxidative stress during pregnancy, we may lower the risk that a child will develop obesity.”

Until further research is completed, whether pregnant or not, women should not conclude from this study that they should consume large doses of antioxidant vitamins, Simmons cautions.

Pomegranate Lowers Cancer Risk and Boosts Heart Health

February 4th, 2011

Pomegranates are a gift from nature that provides powerful multi-modal health benefits. Extracts and the juice from this super fruit are shown to lower the damaging effects from systemic inflammation that are now associated with the development of many deadly diseases.

Pomegranates have one of the highest antioxidant ORAC scores that help to neutralize the cellular and DNA damaging effects of free radicals that accelerate aging. Pomegranates are a tasty way to provide protection from the risk of developing many forms of cancer, cardiovascular and renal disease as well as stroke and dementia.

Pomegranate in the Fight against Cancer Proliferation

One of the hallmark signs of cancer progression is when cells lose their adhesive properties and break away to different parts of the body in a process known as metastasis. This mechanism of cellular transit provides for the deadly nature of many cancer lines, specifically prostate cancer. The result of research presented to the American Society for Cell Biology shows that pomegranate-treated tumor cells increased cell adhesion and decreased cell migration that can prevent the disease from spreading to different parts of the body.

The researchers conducting this study explain that their results would apply to most types of cancer. While the results of this study pertain specifically to prostate cancer proliferation, they can be applied to most cancer cell lines due to the migratory nature of this disease. The lead research author concludes “we can now modify cancer-inhibiting components in pomegranate juice to improve their function and make them more effective in preventing prostate cancer metastasis, leading to more effective therapies.”

Antioxidant Nature of Pomegranate Modifies Blood Lipids, Lowers Blood Pressure
The active compound in pomegranate is called ellagitannin and is credited for the powerful antioxidant capacity claimed by this super fruit. Pomegranate has been shown to influence gene expression and suppress the pro-inflammatory cytokine, nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kB). The fruit also activates an enzyme that is responsible for generating the artery-cleansing HDL cholesterol.

Information presented to the American Society of Nephrology reveals how pomegranate can inhibit the development of oxidized LDL cholesterol particles that become lodged in arterial vessel walls and cause arterial stiffening and increased blood pressure. Researchers found that extracts from the juice reduce the number of potentially fatal atherosclerotic lesions and protect the vascular system from damage, reducing the risk from a cardiovascular event.

Pomegranate is beneficial to human health because of its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. For optimal protection against heart disease and cancer, nutritional researchers advise drinking 8 ounces of the juice daily, combining the contents of an entire pomegranate into a smoothie or supplementing with 400 mg of concentrated extract. Health conscious individuals will certainly want to take advantage of this super fruit to dramatically lower risk from multiple disease processes.

Pomology on The Daily Dish

July 12th, 2010

New Age Mama’s Pomology Giveaway

May 25th, 2010

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We’re Feeling Fit with Dana!

May 25th, 2010

Thanks to Dana over at for giving her review of Energy Drink Mix.

Here’s what she thought:

I don’t know about you, but I seem to be dragging lately. I do think all this sun is helping me, thank goodness, but I have been a little tired lately. I was really excited when Pomology sent me their energy drink to try. At this point, I could use a little energy boost. We had rain for 9 days straight and I am a solar powered gal!

Pomology Energy Drink is a powder that you mix with water or put in your smoothies. I first mixed it with water and just shook it, it tastes good, a little sweet, but good sweet, not overpowering. But, it was a little powdery. When I added it to my smoothie, I liked it better. The flavor was subtle and the powdery taste wasn’t there.

Pomology is a blend of pomegrante and green tea. These antioxidants help to promote overall good health and increase energy levels. It also contains rhodiola rosea, guarana and cocoa. I didn’t get any jittery feeling that comes with some energy drinks. I don’t do well with caffeine usually and I didn’t have any problems with Pomology.

Overall, I liked the drink and will continue to use it. It did give me a boost of energy on those rainy days and it was great if I used it before my workouts!

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May 24th, 2010

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May 24th, 2010

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Pomology Featured on KTLA Morning Show

May 4th, 2010


Pomegranates helping in Afghanistan

March 25th, 2010

A British fruit juice firm has vowed to overcome transport and paperwork difficulties after striking a pioneering deal to buy £3m worth of pomegranates from Afghanistan.

Pomegreat, a Gloucestershire-based company that sells pomegranate juice to UK supermarkets, has made a commitment to purchase 500 tons of concentrate and 500 tons of fresh fruit from Omaid Bahar Ltd, Afghanistan’s first fruit processing facility.

It is a business deal that Adam Pritchard, chief executive of Pomegreat, says he has long been waiting to achieve.

“The Afghan pomegranate is the best in the world and in ten years working with pomegranates from many countries, I have never previously encountered juice of the quality Omaid Bahar is offering,” he said.

“My long-term aim is for pomegranates and other fruit juices from Afghanistan to become a valuable and valid commodity that can be exported around the world.”

Pomegreat says the fruit grown in Afghanistan is of the highest quality available

Mr Pritchard acknowledges that the decision to source fruit from Afghanistan is not without its difficulties, and that it is a relationship that will need to be reviewed on an annual basis.

Nevertheless, he says, it is very much a long-term relationship.

“The country is landlocked, and it’s a longer distance from factory to port, so there are some logistical challenges,” he told Sky News.

“We’ve also had to make sure we get the documentation and paperwork correct, and identify which Afghan ministry does what.

“These are challenges we think we’ve overcome, though, and I have been over to Kabul to meet the factory owner and talk about his long-term ambitions.”

He went on: “Initially we’ll use a percentage of Afghan pomegranates in out product, but we aim to make this 100% in future years.”

The Omaid Bahar factory in Kabul has just shipped its first pomegranates to the UK

The state-of-the-art Omaid Bahar fruit processing facility, based in Kabul, opened in October 2009 with the support of the American government agency USAID.

Its first batch of juice is expected to arrive in the UK during March 2010.

Mustafa Sadiq, owner of Omaid Bahar said: “I am proud to have built this factory and the commitment from Pomegreat gives me great hope for the future that I can fulfil the needs of international markets with our superior production of juice.”

Afghanistan was once famous for its pomegranates, before years of war cut trade routes and forced the loss of traditional markets.

Many of the nation’s farmers are now engaged in opium poppy cultivation, a trade that has been growing since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

International efforts have been made to offer poor farmers incentives to grow other crops - including pomegranates, to control the production of opium, from which heroin is obtained.

Health news: Pomegranates can speed up labor

February 9th, 2010

Pomegranates could speed up childbirth

Pomegranates could help speed up childbirth - and may reduce the number of emergency Caesarean sections performed as a result of long labour. Research carried out at the University of Liverpool shows that the seeds of the fruit contain high levels of a steroid, betasitosterol. When the researchers added this natural extract to uterus tissue in laboratory tests, they found it increased muscle activity. Every year, around a quarter of babies born in England - 155,000 - are delivered by Caesarean. More than half the Caesareans performed are emergency procedures due to problems during labour.

It’s thought that the increasing number of obese women may be partly to blame. The Liverpool team hope that the pomegranate- seed extract could help reduce the number of Caesareans. However they stressed there is no evidence that drinking pomegranate juice will have the same effect. Source

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