Zesty, refreshing and ultra good for you, pomegranates have antioxidants that work
at the cellular level in their naturally occurring form. Eating enough of the pulpy
seeds for a substantial health impact is a challenge though. If you've ever
tried to peel a pomegranate, you know firsthand it's a time-consuming,
labor-intensive and messy job.

Ready-made pomegranate juices have become
a popular alternative for the benefits without
the work. But watch out – many of them are
mixed with other juices to balance the high
cost of processing pomegranates. So, are
the high price tag, watered down benefits,
excess sugar and high calories really a
valuable alternative for the health-conscious
consumer like you?

To preserve maximum antioxidant potency
and quality, Pomology uses water-extraction technology,
an advanced method of gently using water, not conventional
chemical-based methods to extract the compounds intact.
The richness and purity of whole, unrefined antioxidants – not
artificially inflated supplements – is exactly what you get from every Pomology formula

When you make Pomology part of your daily health regimen, you fortify your body with the right concentra-
tion of naturally occurring antioxidants to reduce the signs of aging you see and feel now, and the ones that
creep up along the way.