The Prostate Supplement Designed to Help You Sleep

Men face a common yet aggravating nighttime ritual as they get older. But the annoyance of frequent urination in the middle of the night poses another problem. The cumulative effects from disrupted slumber due to age and nighttime urination issues may lead to sleep deprivation, sluggishness and decreased focus.

A good night's sleep is in the sack when your prostate is in top working order. That's because breakthrough research suggests that prostate health and the frequency of night time urination may improve with antioxidant supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

Rest Easy with Pomology PM

Pomology Prostate PM features a 600 mg dose per serving of a plant phytosterol found to help support health prostate function. Feel the benefits of beta sitosterol, the active ingredient in saw palmetto, as it can help provide relief from urinary symptoms and may minimize nighttime urges. This potent formula promotes healthy prostate size now for healthy function tomorrow.

A true advancement in prostate health, Pomology Prostate PM is unique because it optimizes the power of pomegranates, green tea and cranberry antioxidant extracts with the exclusive and patented natural sleep aid, Suntheanine®, to help you sleep through the night. Research indicates the amino acids in Suntheanine® may reduce restlessness and relieve occasional sleeplessness. Pomology Prostate PM is the only prostate supplement to feature this ingredient.


  • I had read about the benefits of beta-sitosterol and was finding that the Saw Palmetto supplements I was taking were losing their efficacy. Plus, my urine flow and frequency had me going to the bathroom numerous times each night. Your formula kicked in soon after my first few days of taking it and since then I've been sleeping through the night and urinating much less often. - Stu, New York, NY
  • There wasn't anything else on the store shelves for nighttime prostate formulas. I'm glad I found this one becuase sleeping through the night was becoming a rare treat. I can really feel the Suntheanine in there and overall I'd recommend this to anyone. -Benjamin, Tempe, AZ

Why Take Pomology Prostate PM

  • Support healthy prostate size and proper function*
  • Boost your prostate health with 600mg of beta sitosterol complex*
  • Benefit from a potent blend of anti-aging antioxidants including pomegranates, green tea and cranberry extracts*
  • Sleep better with all-natural, calming Suntheanine®*
  • Enjoy the value of a premium, highly potent blend of naturally occurring antioxidants*


Pomegranate antioxidants help defend prostate cells against free radical damage

Beta Sitosterol

Benefits of beta sitosterols include maintenance of healthy prostate function and size, and normal urinary flow; also the active ingredient in saw palmetto

Green Tea

Green tea study hints that phytochemicals in the substance may help limit the spread of cancer-causing cells.

Cranberry Powder

Helps to minimize prostate swelling and flush away potentially harmful toxins


Patented blend that promotes nighttime rest and relaxation