The Prostate Supplement for Every Day

With your good nutrition regimen, active lifestyle and zest for life, are you doing all you can to support a healthy prostate, or is your current prostate supplement really helping?

With Pomology's Prostate AM, one of the most highly developed and best natural prostate supplements, your prostate will have the nutrients needed to support healthy urine flow, maintain prostate size, fight enlarged prostate and have the vital nutrients needed for proper function. With a dose of beta-sitosterol that surpasses most formulas on the market, Prostate AM gets right to the source of prostate health.

Pomology Prostate AM and Prostate Health

Studies demonstrate that prostate health improves with prostate supplements and an active lifestyle. Give your daily health regimen a boost with a formula specifically designed to relieve the most common symptoms of an enlarged prostate while minimizing your risk for prostate troubles.

Two caplets every day of Pomology Prostate AM deliver an optimized combination of some of the most potent vitamins, minerals and plant sterols required for prostate health. Boron and zinc assist in the metabolism of nutrients necessary for prostate function. Selenium is combined with powerful pomegranate antioxidants to help limit the destruction of cells.

Plus, get the benefits of beta sitosterol, the active ingredient in saw palmetto, and lycopene - two of the most potent plant-based ingredients for healthy urinary function and maintenance of a healthy prostate. The daytime complement to Prostate PM, Prostate AM is your every day solution now for strong prostate support tomorrow.


  • I just turned 40 and wanted to take care of my prostate as a precaution for the duture. I like that your formula has pomegranate antioxidants in there, so I get some bonus protection while I'm looking out for the future. - Jerry, Columbus, OH
  • I was taking the Prostate PM formula and then found it worked well but I didn't really need the nighttime help. My doctor was telling me to take some pharmaceutical for my prostate but I had great success with the PM, so I wanted to give this a shot. Since I've been taking it, my doctor told me I was good to go and din't need the pharma product any more. Go natural!. -Larry, Melville, NY

Why Take Pomology Prostate AM

  • Support healthy urine flow*
  • Support healthy prostate function and size*
  • Provide protection at the cellular level with the most potent antioxidants for prostate health*
  • Enjoy the value of a premium, highly potent blend of naturally occurring antioxidants*


Pomegranate antioxidants help defend prostate cells against free radical damage

Phyto Sitosterol Complex

Benefits of beta sitosterols, one of the most common plant-derived phytosterols, include maintenance of healthy prostate function and size; helps maintain normal urinary flow

Vitamin D

A key vitamin shown to support healthy prostate function and size


Found in large quantities in the prostate and is crucial for healthy function


A potent antioxidant that may support prostate function


Assists with metabolism of magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D


A potent serum antioxidant carotenoid that also concentrates in prostate tissue