The Menopause Supplement Without Soy or Black Cohosh

Losing your cool?

Facing the brink of midlife is daunting enough without the added physical and emotional distress that a woman feels during this life-altering transition. Night sweats, mood swings, headaches and insomnia are a shortlist of symptoms that take a toll on your body, mind and daily life. Women describe it as an emotional rollercoaster - a feeling of losing control.

So how does the active female like you who is healthy, looks great and feels younger than her years make peace with her ticking biological clock? How do you cope with the symptoms and begin to calm your raging body and spirit?

Take Control Now with Pomology Menopause

To feel like yourself again, rely on Pomology Menopause for gentle and effective relief. One of the best menopause formulas without black cohosh or soy, Pomology Menopause helps you settle the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause. How? By balancing the fluctuations that affect hormone levels and mood while providing bone and heart support to reduce your risk of associated health issues.

As your production of estrogen and progesterone decrease during menopause, your body struggles with the irregular hormone levels triggering the symptoms you dread. Pomology Menopause restores a feeling of balance and delivers a natural infusion of real plant estrogen. A 100 mg dose of di-indole methane (DIM), a powerful natural substance that stimulates progesterone production, is properly paired with pomegranate phytoestrogens and red clover estrogens. Together, these potent fruit and plant antioxidants help alleviate your discomfort and restore order to your body and mind.


  • After trying so many different menopause formulas and having no luck, I cam across this formula at my local Whole Foods Market. It is awesome! Since I started taking Pomology, my moods have gotten normal and I'm not losing it day in and day out. - Lauren, Austin, TX
  • I was joking with my husband that he wanted to make sure we had a 10 year supply of Pomology Menopause formula...just in case. It has made me feel so much better that sending you guys a testimonial doesn't even start to convey how much I love and need this product. - Louise, Toronto, Canada

Why take Pomology Menopause

  • Soo the the discomfort of perimenopause and menopause symptoms including night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, forgetfulness, difficulty with concentration, loss of bladder control and frequent urination
  • Minimize the severity of symptoms*
  • Boost your libido, minimize dryness and feel like your vibrant self*
  • Balance estrogen and progesterone levels*
  • Soy free menopause formula
  • Black cohosh free menopause formula
  • Feel in control of your body and emotions again*
  • Reduce your risk of bone and cardiovascular issues with powerful phytonutrients*
  • Support bone health with natural plant calcium and pomegranate extract*
  • Feel calm again with one of the most comprehensive women's supplements for perimenopause and menopause*
  • Enjoy the value of a premium, highly potent blend of naturally occurring antioxidants*


Contains phytoestrogens, which are commonly used in natural therapies to balance estrogen levels; pomegranate extract has shown an ability to support bone mass

Di-Indole Methane (D.I.M)

Known to stimulate progesterone production for natural support against menopausal hormone imbalance


High concentration of plant calcium supports bone density; good source of D.I.M.


Helps manage the symptoms of menopause

Red Clover

Contains natural estrogens to help maintain healthy hormone levels

Green Tea

Provides powerful support for cardiovascular health