Immunity Supplement Benefits in a Tasty Drink

Enjoy an exotic medley of fruits and vegetables specially selected for their immune system support. Infused with our exclusive immunity blend, every refreshing drink delivers over 3 servings of antioxidant rich superfoods for an easy, convenient and refreshing way to feel strong and healthy.

Immunity Drink Mix bursts with the tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya and mango plus other orange/yellow fruits and vegetables including mangosteen, pumpkins and yams. Carotenoids and biovlavonoids in these sunny foods may have a longevity promoting link. Pomegranate and acai concentrates enhance their ability to protect cells from the free radicals that weaken them.*


  • I bought a jar of this at our local Whole Foods Market to have before last winter. With 2 kids in the house and my husband and I both working, I figured less sick days is key for us. Especially with everyone flipping out about the flu. We're all loving this mix as part of the morning routine. I mix mine in water but the kids like theirs in some juice. So far, not one sick kid or missed day of work. A thousand thanks. - Leah, Portland, ME
  • Just picked up a bottle and I love the taste. I've been drinking some antioxidant drink mixes, but when I saw the immunity blend in here, I gave it a go. So far, so good. Harry - Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Why take Pomology Immunity Drink Mix

  • Work and play at your peak with assorted antioxidants from 15 fruits, vegetables, herbs and nutrients that work together to support a healthy and vital immune system.*
  • Fortified with a specialized immunity blend consisting of echinacea, fenugreek ginseng and reishi and shitake mushroom extracts, all selected for their ability to defend against everyday germs and boost immune function.*
  • Tastes great hot or cold, Immunity Drink Mix is a convenient and versatile way to keep your immune system strong today, tomorrow and all year long.*