Powerful Energy Supplement Benefits in a Tasty Drink

Delight in the delicious flavors of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables specially selected to support mental and physical sharpness.

These superfoods are optimized with two energizing blends, CocoActiv® and Maca for natural energy and stamina. With over 3 servings of fruits and veggies in every glass, it’s the easy, convenient and tasty way to maximize your vitality.

Energy Drink Mix adds healthy verve to your day with over 15 whole food concentrates that energize your mind and body naturally—without excess calories or carbs. Pump up the antioxidants from pomegranates, açai berries, black cherries, blueberries, mangosteen and more with a high ORAC blend that includes cinnamon and green coffee bean extracts.


  • Forget coffee! This is my new replacement. I was a long time coffee drinker and have switched over to adding a scoop of your mix to my morning smoothie. I even used your suggested recipe on the bottle. Love the flavors too. - Ethel, Queens, NY
  • My sister turned me on to your product and I can't thank her enough. I never eat enough vegetables or fruit, so I drink a glass of your mix after lunch. Helps keep me going through the afternoon and night. Great stuff...thanks! - Brian, Eugene, OR

Why Take Pomology Energy Drink Mix

  • Combat morning drowsiness or an afternoon slump with the invigorating taste of green tea and pomegranates for long-lasting stamina.*
  • Features an exclusive energy blend featuring Maca, the “superfood of the Andes” known for fighting fatigue while boosting brainpower, plus the the antioxidant strength of cocoa in CocoActiv®.*
  • Maximize physical endurance and performance with a combination of Siberian, American and White Panax ginseng, and the metabolic enhancer DMG HCI.*