Resveratrol Supplement with Acai to Fight Aging


Did the Mediterranean and other ancient cultures discover the secret to natural anti-aging solutions and ways to defy aging? These and other ancient mediterranean diets have in common is their abundance of natural, health-preserving antioxidant food sources. Recent years of scientific research confirms what was known for generation: that antioxidants such as resveratrol and pomegranate aid in healthy aging, beautiful skin and may hold the key to longevity.

For a body that can beat the clock, fire-up the antioxidants with Pomology Anti-Aging with Resveratrol. Even the healthiest body can use a boost when it comes to maintaining youthful health and energy. Environmental free radicals affect everybody, every day, including you. The damage that these can cause your body may be significant, so taking a natural anti-aging supplement with resveratrol is crucial.

Resveratrol: Your Age-Defying Ally

Your skin, vision, endurance and your entire being are comprised of cells. If cells are damaged or not properly protected, their breakdown may lead to visible and physical aging beyond your chronological age.

Look and feel younger than your years. Designed specifically to promote healthy aging and longevity, Pomology Anti-Aging delivers a highly absorbable grade of resveratrol for maximum impact. Anti-aging science credits this nutritional powerhouse for the incredible health benefits from grapes and red wine. In landmark resveratrol studies conducted by Harvard Medical School in Cambridge and in National Institutes of Health (NIH), this key Pomology Anti-Aging ingredient was found to activate the SIRT-1 gene, linked to longevity and a cell's survival defense enzyme. The result may be a longer period of time for cells to repair their DNA.

To Quercetin, or Not to Quercetin

Pomology's Anti-Aging formula does not include any of the antioxidant quercetin. While some manufacturers claim that this helps with stimulating the SIRT-1 gene, there have been other studies that found this is not the case. Please read this research study which found that quercetin actually inhibits stimulation of the SIRT-1 gene.

Preserve Youthful Vitality with Pomology Anti-Aging

Pomology Anti-Aging with Resveratrol is arguably the best anti-aging product by comparison and most complete formula for the value. This powerful anti-aging supplement combines the health benefits of pomegranate with other top ranking antioxidants including red wine extract and the celebrated "Brazilian miracle," the acai berry. In fact, acai is thought to have the highest antioxidant potency value in nature. But you don't have to bear the expense of costly acai berry products. You'll find a concentrated dose in just one serving of Pomology Anti-Aging.


  • "The research on resveratrol really caught my eye when it came out and soon after I started taking this Pomology formula. Not only does it have a ton of resveratrol for a great price, it's got some other antioxidants that I was taking separately. Now I take this and their women's multi on AutoShip and feel great." - Erin, Denver, CO
  • This is my favorite line of supplements and the research on resveratrol is what really caught my eye. I take several supplements, but the combination of resveratrol with acai and other antioxidants is what really led me to this product! - Sally, San Francisco, CA

Why Take Pomology Anti-Aging with Resveratrol

  • Enjoy the health-enhancing benefits of 200 glasses of wine - that's 100 mg of Resverapure brand resveratrol!*
  • Combat premature aging with the combined benefits of resveratrol, acai berries, red wine and pomegranate*
  • Boost your health with one of the most powerful and richest sources of antioxidants, the acai berry*
  • Defend against free radicals that may accelerate aging*
  • Maintain a more youthful look and energy for an active lifestyle now and later*
  • Enjoy the value of a premium, highly potent blend of naturally occurring antioxidants*


Highly effective antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes; thought to activate longevity compounds, inhibit the aging process and fight age-related health conditions; focus of NIH resveratrol studies

Acai berry

Considered to have the highest ORAC value [link to The Science of Fruit] in nature; richest single source of antioxidants; expensive due to quick spoilage


Boasts a high ORAC value and is loaded with phytochemicals for a younger-looking appearance, lutein for good vision and vitamin C for superior overall health; pomegranates contain a high dose of antioxidants that are active against aging

Red Wine Extract

Encourages the rebuilding of cells without the calories or adverse effects of alcohol consumption