Antioxidant Supplement Loaded with Superfruits

Finding an antioxidant supplement, or what many people believe is an antioxiidant vitamin is a key part of taking your future health into your own hands. While eating foods high in antioxidants is an essential part of maintaining a healthy diet, supplementing your diet with Pomology's potent antioxidant blend can help protect your body and health even more.

Free radicals are damaged cells that can come from sun exposure, food, pollution, even vigorous exercise. With research that continues to find a possible link between damaged cells and numerous diseases, what kind of natural supplement can you take to make your normal health routine into an ideal health regimen?

Fight Free Radicals with Pomology Antioxidant Health

Pomology's Antioxidant Health supplement fights and defends your body against free radicals. The cells in your body accumulate free radical damage that can lead to oxidation and aging. By blending some of nature's most active antioxidants known to science, this formula provides a concentrated dose of natural antioxidants to defuse the harmful effects of free radicals.

Breakthrough research reveals the positive connection between the antioxidant-rich pomegranate and your health. For an extra dose of protection, Pomology Antioxidant Health is infused with blueberry, grapeseed, lutein, lycopene and green tea. This powerful blend attacks free radicals at the cellular level while giving cells more time to repair damage.


  • This supplement is my favorite new addition to my daily routine! I was taking a multivitamin and something for my menopause and joints, but now I feel like I'm getting the antioxidants that I know I don't eat enough of everyday. I try, but can I really eat that many fruits and vegetables, let alone superfruits? Thanks for Antioxidant Health! - Ruth, Miami, FL
  • I take this almost as much as a supplement for my eyes - to prevent macular degeneration. It doesn't hurth that it also has the green tea, grapeseed, lycopene and more. Keeping my vision is super important to me, and I like that this helps with that and a lot more. - Janet, Red Bank, NJ

Why Take Pomology Antioxidant Health

  • Boost your body's ability to resist premature aging*
  • Enjoy the value of a premium, highly potent blend of naturally occurring antioxidants*
  • Defend against free radicals that destroy your body's cells*
  • Lutein helps keep the macula of the eye healthy, and the macula is critical to your vision.*
  • Maintain your vitality for an active lifestyle that lasts*
  • Keep your immune system strong*


Labeled one of the top “super foods” for its wide-ranging health benefits and ability to inhibit age signs; pomegranate health benefits show promise against chronic age-related conditions


Powerful compound that's essential for good vision and heart function; responsible for the red, orange and yellow color of fruits and vegetables


Loaded with proven antioxidant substances including phytochemicals, anthocyanins and vitamins C and E; among the fruits with the highest antioxidant activity


Powerful enzyme shown to protect cells from degeneration and minimize risk of more serious conditions; contributes to the reddish color of certain fruits including tomatoes


Cornerstone of the healthy Mediterranean diet; accounts for the remarkable health benefits found in red wine

Green Tea

A centuries-old staple in healthy Asian cultures; recognized for its high levels of antioxidants.