Pomology is committed to quality. In the premium
ingredients we use. In delivering the most
cutting-edge ingredients that science and nature
reveal. In best-in-class manufacturing practices.
And especially in preserving the natural goodness
and power of our fruits.

In fact, this dedication led us to a breakthrough extraction
method that retains maximum antioxidant potency. By using
water-based extraction methods, active pomegranate and
other fruit antioxidant extracts are delicately removed and preserved.

The combination of Pomology’s whole fruit pomegranate extract with innovative and recommended ingredients tailored to specific conditions makes for not only a more effective supplement, but an excellent value as well. You get all the benefits of powerful, concentrated pomegranate antioxidants plus those condition specific ingredients, in just two capsules or tablets of Pomology - not artificially inflated supplement blends that require multiple servings. Compare labels for yourself.